Deep Cleaning-First Clean

Deep or First Time Cleaning

First time cleans are ideal for someone who is going to have their home cleaned on a schedule but need the first time to get the cleaning caught up so that the Routine Clean is efficient.

Deep Cleaning is ideal for someone who only wants one clean done or is on an as needed basis.   The Routine Clean is not as efficient for those who are on an as needed basis or have not had their house cleaned with us yet.

What is included in a Deep or First Time Clean:

All things from the Routine Clean with upgrades and additional services listed:

  • *Removal of all cobwebs within reach
  • Dust ceiling fans within reach
  • *All dusting will be done with a damp cloth and then polished
  • *All glass fronts of picture frames, art etc will be cleaned
  • *Blinds will be wiped with a wet cloth
  • *All glass doors will be done in and out (weather permitting)
  • Living room furniture will be surface cleaned
  • *Showers will be scrubbed thoroughly, rinsed and dried
  • One load of laundry (can add on more)
  • *Doors and baseboards wiped with wet cloth
  • Edges of carpet vacuumed
  • Run dishwasher and/or put dishes away
  • *All cabinet fronts wiped clean-kitchen and bathrooms
  • Wipe out the inside of the refrigerator
  • Clean bathroom fans
  • Clean vents
  • *Hand wipe all fixtures

*anything that is an upgrade from Routine Cleaning, all else is additional

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